I know, most people don’t like the rain. The cold, wet grey skies make many feel blue and drab, but have you ever noticed how vibrant colors are against a grey back drop?  Have you seen how green green can be? How yellow can pierce through the gloom?  And what is better than a steaming beverage and a fuzzy blanket on a couch near a window.

To me, rain is a blessing. Maybe I have read Dune* one to many times, but every time it rains I feel a surge of gratitude for the cleansing and nourishing water that just falls from the sky. There are so many reasons to love the rain.  Here is a list:

  • rain nourishes all of life
  • it washes away dust and funk
  • it leaves the world fresh and crisp
  • shades of grey, blue and lavender seen in a rainy sky
  • the way color comes out in rocks and stones! (magic)
  • the element of water relates to emotion
  • what better weather to stay home and rest, read, create and get things done
  • what better weather to stay home and bead all day?
  • you need water to make tea
  • swimmming
  • bathing & washing
  • puddle jumping
  • rainbows!

Honestly every time it rains I just feel incredibly lucky to live in the middle of a blue green rain forest.
Dark stormy grey rainy days remind me of Labradorite. What’s not to love about that?

* Dune is sci fi novel written by Frank Herbert in 1965. A perfect novel for a rainy day