Labradorite (LAB-ruh-dore-ite) is named after the Canadian province in which it was first discovered in 1770. It displays a particularly beautiful iridescence which is so unique that it has been labelled ‘labradorescence’. Most commonly, the flash of color which can be seen upon turning the stone is blue or green, but effectively every color is possible — in fact, there are some specimens of labradorite that exhibit a rainbow iridescence. Specimens with this quality were first discovered in Finland, and due to the display of the full visible spectrum in them, they were named spectrolite. Fundamentally, there is no difference between labradorite and spectrolite, except the number of colors exhibited in the stone.

This stone is usually only moderately translucent, and the base color of the stone can be grey, green, brown, or black, often with dark lines running through it.

Not all labradorite exhibits labradorescence, however. Those that lack labradorescence typically possess ‘aventurescence’ instead, which is a glittering quality. Of course, labradorescence is more sought after, and as such, stones with this quality are more valuable.

It has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5 and a triclinic crystal structure.

Location: Labradorite is still mined in Canada (Labrador), and has also been sourced from Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Russia, and the United States.

Properties: The most potent property of labradorite is its capacity to connect the bearer to other levels of reality, particularly that place from which everything is sourced (sometimes referred to as “the Void”). For this reason, it facilitates myriad talents pertaining to such alignment with non-corporeal realities; that is, it can help with intuition and psychic abilities, whether discovering or developing them. This property also makes it incredibly useful for bringing wisdom and understanding gained in those other levels back to the physical plane to be implemented, and can promote translation of intuitions and insights into meaningful cognitive material. Essentially, labradorite helps to align the wearer with their divine purpose and highest good, making it easier to find the path of least resistance through life. Labradorite can be a valuable companion through times of transition and change, as it instills strength and perseverance. It aids in self-reflection and proffers energetic protection.

It may have the ability to help with digestion, metabolism, and illnesses with unclear causes.

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