Head Pins – Ball End Gold Fill


Available in 1.5″and 2″ lengths
Available in 26g and 24g wire

20 or more of the one length and gauge – 20% off

50 or more of the one length and gauge – 30% off




Head Pins are a very useful finding to transform a bead into a charm or pendant (something that hangs).

Make sure to consider the length you need whether you are doing a simple loop, or a wrap which requires a longer headpin.

The gauge is also important. It must be able to go through the bead hole and stiff to create a strong loop, or more malleable for a wrap. The higher the gauge (number), the thinner the wire. ie. 22g is thicker than 26g.




Additional information

Weight 0.0001 kg
Dimensions 5 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

Gold Fill