It is wonderful to know that in the world of beads, a simple, time-honoured tradition of glass bead-making still exists today. These beautiful handmade recycled glass beads from Ghana are certainly an example of that.

Handmade in Africa, these gorgeous beads have the look and feel of tumbled beach glass. Each one made with care and no two the same, gorgeous in their roughness and inconsistency. They range in colour from dusty soft hues to brightly painted exteriors.

These beads are a popular item in our store and have a fascinating story, adding to their appeal.
Add a unique look to your creations and know that you are supporting an entire village of glass bead-makers.

The process of creating these beads involves crushing up old glass bottles by hand, into a fine powder.

The powder is placed into molds and put inside a kiln to melt.

Once removed from the kiln, holes are made with straw pieces that burn away.

The final step is to tumble the beads to remove any powdered coating left from the molds.
They are tumbled by hand with water, small pebbles and sand.

The next step is up to you! Come in and create a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery!