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Tanzanite (TAN-zuh-nite) is a blue-violet variant of zoisite. It gets its name from the country Tanzania, which is where the only known source of tanzanite exists. It can also have brown tones in it naturally, so it is often heat-treated to reduce the appearance of these brown tones and intensify the desirable blue-violet tones. The color tone can vary from the blue side to the more violet side, depending on the specimen and how it is cut, as tanzanite has the property of pleochromism — that is, it can change color somewhat depending on the viewing angle. It also can appear different colors depending on the light source; fluorescent lighting amplifies the blue tones, while incandescent bulbs bring out the violet tones. On occasion, it may have a purple, magenta, or burgundy tone to it.

It has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7 and an orthorhombic crystal structure.

It is the main birthstone for December (the alternate being turquoise).

Location: Tanzanite only has one known deposit, which is in Tanzania.

Properties: Above all else, tanzanite works to connect the heart and third eye chakras; in other words, it brings the emotional and mental bodies into harmony. This makes it incredibly useful for those who do healing work and receive intuitive flashes of what is happening to others, because it helps to bring words to the emotional content. For those with highly active minds who deny their emotional selves, this stone can bring their mental energy down into their heart and heighten conscious awareness of emotional states. This connection of heart and mind is also key in self-actualization and self-realization, so the result can be a permanent heightening of awareness. It also activates the crown chakra, meaning that these energies being cultivated around the connection of heart and mind can be brought into the context of the greater good and higher consciousness. This also guides the wearer to a place of loving compassion when dealing with others. It additionally has an effect on the throat chakra, meaning it is easier for one to speak their personal truth and spiritual information obtained through the other processes outlined here.

Some use this stone to aid treatment of thyroid and adrenal concerns, as well as skin and eye disorders.

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