Sugilite (SOO-jih-lite or SOO-gee-lite) is a rare mineral which gains its attractive purple color from manganese in its chemical structure. Its color ranges from pinkish purple to bluish purple, similar to charoite; however, charoite has a swirling, fibrous appearance, while sugilite is usually relatively solid color, perhaps with bands or patches of black or white. Also, charoite often has layers which glisten or gleam like pearl. It is named after the Japanese petrologist that first described it, Ken-Ichi Sugi (pronounced SOO-gee).

It has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 and a hexagonal crystal structure.

Location: Originally discovered in Japan, sugilite is also mined in Canada (in Quebec), Australia, India, Italy, South Africa, and Tajikistan.

Properties: Sugilite offers protection from environmental negativity as well as purging internal negativity. It can activate the crown chakra, which means it increases connection to Divine or Universal energies and facilitates spiritual work. More specifically, it can help to reconnect one with their soul path or spiritual aims; this is especially useful for those who feel like life has no purpose for them. It also works with the third eye chakra, particularly in regards to dream work and other forms of exploring one’s unconscious. This is one of the core means through which sugilite helps clear internal negativity. The dark parts of sugilite have a grounding effect, helping to bring your dreams and aspirations into physical reality. It is a very healing stone, especially in reference to the mind-body connection.

Some use it to aid in treatment of headaches and pain in general.

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