It can be refreshing to change our look as the seasons change around us. We’ve noticed a few trends that have picked up some extra momentum as we move into fall, and each of them leave quite a bit of room for creativity. See which of these suit you, and make the fall your own!

1) Tassels

We have seen these being used in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to create a fringed look. You can use pre-made tassels, or make your own with whatever string you like.

2) Chokers

Though the term traditionally refers to necklaces which sit at the collarbone, it is becoming more conventional to use this in reference to necklaces which sit as high as possible (once referred to as “collars”). They are often about 12-14 inches in length, and ideally have some means of adjusting the exact length. We generally recommend chain extenders for this purpose, but it is also common to use flexible materials such as elastic.

An important side note about chokers: when you make one for yourself, keep in mind that you need to be able to move your neck around! Looking side to side and looking down will put pressure on the choker, and if you don’t take this into account, you will either be uncomfortable or break your piece. So when you measure, turn your head a bit to give you that extra leeway.

3) Lariats

A lariat is a long cord with finished ends, often with charms or other decorations dangling from them, which can be wrapped around several times. Suede and leather are especially popular materials to use for these right now.

4) Layering

Wearing many of the same type of jewelry is very trendy this season. Whether you wear necklaces of varied lengths, a multitude of bracelets, or several rings on the same fingers, the pattern of repeated accessories is not only popular, but fun to play with. You can custom-make your own rings with wire so that they will fit after the first knuckle. Rings that sit at this point are known to some as midi rings.

5) Cuffs

In a similar vein to layered bracelets, cuffs are quite popular this fall as well. There are many ways to create these thick wristbands, such as using strips of leather. Our favorite variations of this trend are the Bead Wire Cuff and the Double Width Woven Bracelet.

If you have been inspired by us, we warmly invite you to post pictures of your creations and tag us on instagram. You can also follow us for more inspiration and project ideas.