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Jewellery Repair

Fix, re-make, adjust or custom design jewellery pieces

We believe in mending and renewing old jewellery instead of throwing it away. Breath new life into that favorite piece you have laying around, adjust something that no longer fits, redesign and customize your jewellery.

While we cover a wide range of repair techniques there are some specialized services we do not offer.
Bring your jewellery pieces in store for a free consultation with our knowledgeable staff.

Service Type

Repair $30/hr + cost of materials
allow up to 2 weeks to complete (depends on number of orders in queue) (minimum 1/2 hour charge)
Rush Repair/Custom Order $40/hr + cost of materials
– items made and/or designed from scratch – repairs that need to be done in less than 2 weeks – knotted projects: see below (minimum 1 hour charge)
Knotting $0.75 per knot
items requiring knots between each bead Rush/Custom Knotting $1/knot (clasp attachment fee not included)