Every so often, people come into the store and look a little lost. We know this can be an intimidating place with so many choices, and so much to take in. Although exciting for some it can be overwhelming for others. Even both at the same time!

Often we hear that our customer wants to make (insert jewellery item here), but doesn’t know where to start. People usually have an idea of the item they want to make (necklace, earrings, bracelet) but don’t know what they want the final result to look like, and don’t know how to put it together. Trust us – putting it together is the easy part, and we can help with that. It is the choosing and fine-tuning to achieve the look that you want, that is the hard part.

What you need is to search for inspiration.

Sometimes inspiration can be illusive and other times it just won’t stop flowing. This post is for those you that are having a hard time seeking it out.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. It you are feeling at a loss, go for a walk, look through a magazine, or sift through pinterest. Here at the store we subscribe to In Style.  It is always exciting when the new issue arrives and we all madly flip through to see what gorgeous jewellery and clothing has made it pages. 

If you need a specific piece of jewellery for a special outfit or fabulous event, look at the outfit. Does the outfit need some more colour, do you want to try and bring attention to a specific part of the outfit, what is the piece of jewellery going to bring to the outfit? 

There are a huge number of talented jewellery designers out there, have a look at what they are doing, find something you like and then redesign it to make it your own.

For those of you that struggle with matching colour, here are a few websites for you to look at:


This site looks at colours being worn by people in Paris, Milan, and Antwerp right now


Fashion Trendsetter looks at current fashion, and colour trends.

When all else fails, look at a colour wheel, or play with paint chips!In the end, a piece of jewellery plays a part of who you are. For that bit of time anyway. So enjoy it, and have fun with it ~ whether it is bold, demure, pretty or sophisticated. It all has it’s place.

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